Setting Up ACH

The free electronic funds transfer from your financial institution straight to make a payment on your First Basin loan. We want to make setup as easy as possible and will help take you through the process – first, ensure FBCU has your email address on file. You will also need your FBCU account number, the account number from your other bank/credit union and their routing number.


Now, let’s get started: 

  • First, login to Online Banking. (Note: If you aren’t set up with FBCU’s Online Banking, now is the time to do it! It is quick and easy.)

  • Click “ACH PowerPay”.

  • Select “Add Payee” and enter the 9-digit routing number for your financial institution. Click “submit”.

  • Enter the account number and account type (checking or savings) from your financial institution. Click “submit”. 

  • Within three business days, First Basin will make a small deposit and withdrawal from the account at your financial institution in order to verify it.

  • Check your online account or statement to verify the amount. The deposti/withdrawal will appear as "First Basin Credit Union".

  • Once you have the amount deposited and withdrawn, return to Online Banking at FBCU, and click on the “ACH PowerPay” tab. 

  • Under “status” click on “verify,” enter the amount and click "submit."

  • You are all done and ready to set up your loan payment through our ACH PowerPay electronic funds transfer!

  • Simply click “Transfer from,” and choose your financial institution. 

  • Select the Request Date.

  • Next, under “Transfer to,” choose which account you will be submitting payment (example: your First Basin Auto Loan.)

  • Enter the payment amount. 

  • Choose the transfer type: single payment or recurring. 

  • Select frequency (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)

  • Enter the number of transfers (Ex: once a week, once a month.) 

  • ACH PowerPay set up is complete!