What's New?

What's New with OUR Mobile App?

  • Facial Recognition for iPhone X, XR, XS - enhanced facial recognition capabilities for all capable devices  


  • Bill Pay Functionality - New and improved Bill Pay features. Set up and pay your bills straight from the mobile app!  


  • Express View - Stay on top of your money with this quick "glance" of all your First Basin accounts! Once you activate this feature you will be able to view balances and transaction history of your linked accounts without having to log in.

  • TouchID Access - instead of entering your credentials each time just use your fingerprint on your compatible iOS or Android device to login!
Latest Version and Update:
iOS Version: 3.0.952.2 - "Performance Improvements. Updated graphics. Enhanced facial recognition."
Android Version: 3.0.963.3 - "Touch ID access. Support for Oreo (8.0) OS. Updated Graphics. Express View"
We will be adding more features in the coming months to give our members even more electronic banking abilities. We will announce these new features as they become available.
Please contact us at (432) 333-5600 with any questions.