Don’t just spend this holiday season – save … and EARN!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

‘Tis the season to save and EARN! The holidays are here and spending is inevitable! Christmas will be here before we know it!

How do we keep that piggy bank from overextending itself? Simple! Always have a game plan set – no matter what, you will need to set a firm budget and make a list of gifts you need to buy. That sounds so easy – and you know, it is! The hardest part is sticking to the list and budget but stay strong – you can do it! 

First, how much CAN you spend? Do you have the number down? Great! Onto the next step. 

Once you know how much makes sense for your budget, now make a list of all the people you’d like to buy a present for – children, a best friend, a parent or significant other. Then, set an amount of how much you will be spending on each person. It is helpful to list the amount and the item(s) you want for that person. Doing a little preparation and research on present costs may take a little time, but it is so worth it in the end. 

What will happen next is you will hit the store with a plan – “I need to get cousin Andrew a pair of socks because I know that is what he really needs.” This makes it much easier when you are there because you know what you need and it makes it less likely for you to wander and spend more than you really wanted to or buy something cousin Andrew doesn’t need.

If possible, also try to do your shopping in advance. Giving yourself plenty of time will help you not feel so rushed to grab anything off the shelf when you can’t find that one gift your child really wanted. You know, some also say that shopping online helps you from straying down aisles and adding those extra items into your shopping cart (I know I am one of those people!) 

So, the unanswered question is still “did you say EARN?” Yes, I sure did! If you are looking for a new SUPER credit card, now is the time to apply for the First Basin Visa Classic or Visa Premier Credit Card. Not only are there competitive interest rates on both cards for our qualified applicants, but you can also earn “Extra Awards” and during the holiday season we offer double and triple rewards

Now, once you have your new FBCU credit card, you do have to sign up for “Extra Awards” here but once you do, let the earning begin! For every dollar you charge to your FBCU Classic or Premier card, you earn one point. When you hit as little as 2,500 points you can begin redeeming your points for cash! How amazing does that sound? 

FBCU is also very excited to feature Holiday Rewards to all our members! Members have the opportunity to continue earning Double Rewards through Tuesday, Dec. 31. 

If you aren’t already an FBCU credit card holder, now is a great time to apply! Visit us at any branch location or apply online! Simply complete the credit card information form and an FBCU member service representative will call you to complete the application process. 

Wishing you a super and happy holiday season of savings! We always want to see our members coming in first – so join us today and start EARNING! 


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