Credit Booster Loan

Need to tone up your credit score or buff up your credit history?

Build your strength with a Credit Booster Loan

Designed specifically for members with weak or no credit, the First Basin Credit Booster Loan can build a strong credit history and improve your credit score. 


How does a Credit Booster Loan* work?

  • First Basin loans $1,000 to you. This loan is held in a frozen, interest-bearing savings account.
  • You make timely loan payments for 12 months to create a positive financial record and strengthen your credit score.
  • You can make automatic loan payments with convenient payroll deductions.
  • Getting into financial shape is simple and systematic!


When your loan is paid in full, First Basin can increase your line of credit and issue another loan. Your $1,000 remains as a frozen balance at First Basin, while you enjoy full use of the second loan amount. As you continue your loan payments, your credit continues to build. 


That's all there is to it!

Getting back into shape can be a challenge, but our super bankers at First Basin are here to make sure you achieve your credit goals!


*Subject to credit approval. Apply today at any First Basin Credit Union branch location.