Online Banking Platform


Included in the new platform is a state of the art MOBILE APP for Android and iOS devices.
How do I login?

You will use your existing First Basin online banking credentials to access our new platform. Immediately upon logging in you will be prompted to update your security information including configuring security questions and resetting your password. If we do not have your email address on file, you will be prompted to provide one. An email address is required to take advantage of the enhanced security features provided in the new platform as well as other communications between you and First Basin.

What are the new features in Online Banking?

First Basin is committed to the security of our members. With that come enhanced security features. You will be required to configure security questions that can choose to answer upon future logins. In addition to these questions, your email address and your mobile phone can be used to confirm your identity upon login.

In addition to the enhanced security features, you will notice the modern look and feel as well as more modern features available to you. There are select “self service” features that are at your fingertips. You can update your personal and reset your security information without having to call us. Locked yourself out of your account? No problem. You can unlock it using the enhanced security features discussed above. If you don’t want to use your account number to log in, you can create a username to use instead.

You can download your account history to both Quicken and Quickbooks. If you do not use either of those, you can download your history in a CSV file for import into your preferred application.

You can register your mobile devices to take advantage of text based banking as well as add an added layer of security for your account.

What about the existing mobile app?
The First Basin Mobile app that is currently installed on your mobile device will need to be updated. If your device is configured to check for updates regularly, you will receive a notification that an update for First Basin Mobile is available. The existing version of First Basin Mobile will no longer work at the time of conversion if you do not update it.
The new First Basin Mobile is compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher and Android 5.0 and higher.

We will be adding more features in the coming months to give our members even more electronic banking abilities. We will announce these new features as they become available. Please contact us at 432-333-5600 with any questions.