Online Bill Pay

Welcome to our new and improved Online Bill Pay!


First Basin is pleased to announce our enhanced Online Bill Pay solution which will make our member experience more user-friendly. Along with it being a free service with no restrictions – no monthly fees, no limit on number of payees and no per-transaction fees – First Basin Online Bill Pay is now seamlessly integrated into our Online Banking system and First Basin Mobile. It also requires only ONE login.


Highlights of the Online Bill Pay Upgrade: Why is it better?

  • As a convenience to our members, we integrated the new Bill Pay solution into our Online Banking system. Gone are the days of keeping up with a username and password for Online Banking and a separate username and password for Bill Pay. Go straight to paying your bills.
  • Faster bill payments! Most payments can be made in as quickly as three business days, reducing the risk of late payments.
  • All of your existing payees, payment amounts and payment schedules are already setup. You will still be able to create, edit, and delete payees as needed. 
  • One year of payment history is available. 


Is anything different? YES! Please read below!

  • After upgrades are made, existing users can access Online Bill Pay the same as before. Members will simply login to Online Banking and click the Bill Pay option. At this time members will be presented with a disclosure page. Upon reading the disclosure, members may click “agree” to move forward.
  • In the past, you chose the date when you wanted the payment to arrive to the payee. This was typically the due date of your payment. Now, you select a withdrawal date. This is the date you expect the funds to be withdrawn from your account – not the date you expect the payee to get the funds. We recommend that you have the funds withdrawn from your account at least 5 – 7 business days before the due date of your bill. 


What can I expect once Online Bill Pay is upgraded?

  • Once logged in, members will see all existing payees and payments – this includes payment amounts, payments times, and frequencies.
  • Members still have the ability to create, edit, and delete payees as needed.
  • Members that had recurring payments previously set up will see a one-time payment followed by a recurring payment. The single, one-time payment is necessary in order to allow our new provider to process first payments. Once the single, one-time payment has cleared, the recurring payment schedule will take over.


Is there anything, I, the member need to do to prepare for the upgrade?

  • During the upgrade would be a good time to verify your Online Bill Pay payee data with recent statements. Account number and address of creditor are the most important. Update any information in Bill Pay to avoid any late payments or fees. Note: It is always a good idea to verify payee information at least once a year.


What features can members continue to enjoy?

  • Members may continue to transfer to and from other financial institutions.
  • Members may continue setting up recurring payments in Bill Pay.
  • View your First Basin credit card activity.
  • There are no changes to Online Banking. Members may continue to view checking history to ensure all cleared bill payment items.


Have more questions? Not to worry! Click the link below to download a comprehensive FAQ about the new Online Bill Pay service: 

First Basin Online Bill Pay FAQ


If you have any questions regarding Online Bill Pay or Online Banking, you may contact First Basin Member Services Center at (432) 333-5600 or (800) 322-7242 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.