Free Educational Series

First Basin Credit Union is pleased to bring back in 2024 our popular  “Something to Chew On” educational series intent on uncovering the ins-n-outs of personal finance. As a community-minded financial institution with a focus on financial well-being, this free, public service series is intended for educational purposes and to assist the people of the communities we serve in making informed financial decisions.

Whether you’re a member of FBCU, or a resident of the community, everyone is invited to this free event series to learn financial best practices on topics ranging from how to navigate the mortgage process, smart ways to build and maintain credit, and more. 

All sessions are FREE and will be held in the Community Room of our Parks Legado Headquarters. Light bites and refreshments will be served at each session. 


Life of a Mortgage

The process of becoming a homeowner can be challenging and many times the buyer is pulled several directions without a good understanding of who has their best interest in mind. The lending team of First Basin Credit Union, will take attendees through an informative and insightful overview on what to look for when navigating a home refinance or purchase.

We'll cover topics such as  whether or not you are buying or refinancing.  Wants vs needs. Getting a pre-approval - Realtors often require one. Understanding your role and the role of your realtor.  Narrowing down your choices & making an offer.  Getting to "Closing" - closing costs and fees.  What to expect on "Closing Day".  Taking ownership and moving in.  A question and answer period will follow.


Car Buying 101

Texans love their vehicles and the impulse to buy a new car can be overwhelming when the "car bug" hits. First Basin is offering a FREE class that provides tools so "buyer's remorse" doesn't become part of your vocabulary. Participants will leave learning how to BE BOLD, NOT SOLD with information for a smart, informed decision, bringing long-term peace-of-mind. During this one-hour educational class, the experienced First Basin lending team will give valuable tips to help anyone be a better car buyer.

We'll cover topics such as wants and needs, best time to buy a car, advantages of pre-approval, buying new vs used, dealer incentives and rebates, total purchase price aka "out the door", understanding the value of your trade-in, necessary items to take to a dealer and if refinancing is right for you. There will also be a question and answer period following.


Building Credit

Are you tired of being denied for loans, credit cards, and other financial opportunities because of a poor credit score? Our credit building course is here to help!  Our comprehensive course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about building and maintaining a strong credit score. But our course goes beyond just improving your credit score - we'll also teach you how to use credit to your advantage, make timely payments, and avoid common credit mistakes. You'll learn how to leverage credit to start a business, buy a home, and achieve your financial goals.

Don't miss out on this FREE opportunity to take control of your financial future. Enroll today and start building your credit - and your wealth - with confidence.

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