HeroTimes Editor: Kidz Club turns kids into Super Savers!

HeroTimes Editor: Kidz Club turns kids into Super Savers!


What happens when you teach children at a young age how to manage money responsibly? They become Super Savers! This is the case at First Basin Credit Union where they proudly feature the exclusive Kidz Club Super Saver Account for children under the age of 18. 

“As long as I can remember, my mom Doris talked to me about the importance of saving money,” said SuperBanker, member of First Basin Credit Union since 1988. “Now that I am an expert…and ahem, the SuperBanker…I am able to recruit kids to sign up for the Kidz Club Super Saver Account to teach them and help them make wise financial decisions for their futures!”

Through the First Basin Kidz Club Super Saver Account, children can learn all about saving and depositing money, and managing their account responsibly. All kids need to do is visit one of the eight convenient First Basin locations with mom, dad, or their guardian.

“Mom or dad will need two forms of identification – usually a driver’s license and social security card - and a proof of address,” SuperBanker explained. “A guardian will need proof of guardianship. We just want to make sure your money is super safe!”

SuperBanker explained kids simply need to bring at least $5 to deposit and First Basin will match the first $5 deposit.

“That’s right, I did say First Basin will match the first $5 deposit!” SuperBanker said excitedly. “Plus, kids will receive all they need to get them started – a free piggy bank, t-shirt, pen, frequency card and account register – just for opening a Kidz Club Account!”

As new members of First Basin and proud users of the Kidz Club Super Saver Account, children can begin saving to earn more rewards. Each time they deposit $10 into their account they will earn one stamp. Once 10 stamps are collected kids can earn a backpack, 20 stamps will get them ear buds, and 30 stamps earns them a watch.

“Rewards are not the end of it either,” said SuperBanker. “Kids can make unlimited deposits with parental permission and learn the healthy habit of saving. Accounts can be viewed through Online Banking from the convenience of a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer which shows kids how fast their deposits can add up and how their savings can actually earn additional money by simply leaving it alone.”

The First Basin Kidz Club Super Saver Account is a win-win for all! The biggest success being the excitement as children become better at saving and handling money. Visit your nearest branch today to get your kids started. 


You and your kids. You’re going to like coming in first.

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