Inspire smart saving habits at any age.

Super Kidz, Super Savers!

It’s never too early to teach a child how to manage money responsibly. Children are invited to join FBCU Kidz Club to learn those smart saving habits! Open your child’s account with $5 – and the bonus? First Basin matches that first $5 deposit. You will also receive an official FBCU piggy bank, club t-shirt, Kidz Club pen, account register, and stamp card – just for signing up!

What else do mom & dad need to know? A legal guardian must be joint owner of the account. Parental permission is required for deposits and withdrawals. Kidz Club account dividends are compounded monthly and paid quarterly.


Learn to Earn!

Calling all Kidz Club members: you can earn prizes as you save! Earn one stamp each time you deposit $10:

  • 10 stamps – Official Level-1 Prize
  • 20 stamps – Official Level-2 Prize