Pay your way.

Payment types as mobile as you.

Access to your hard-earned dollars should be simple, secure and ready when you are! With Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, you can add your FBCU debit or credit card to either application to pay while shopping online, at the grocery store, restaurants and much more! Find out how to get started, and discover all the great places this contactless form of pay is accepted below!

An Apple Pay a Day...

Apple Pay is here - get started in three simple steps.

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Pay the better and Samsung way!

Samsung Pay - Carry your debit and credit cards, and more, all on your android phone!

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Digital Wallet

Upgrade your digital wallet by adding your FBCU Debit or Credit card. Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

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Make FB Bill Payments the hero of your finances!

First Basin Online Banking offers multiple free features to make your financial life a breeze. Did you know you can pay all your bills from your mobile device or your home computer? Setup one time or recurring payments. You can also create text or email notification alerts to remind you when your bills are due. What are you waiting for? Log in to FBCU Online Banking now to get started! 

Questions or concerns? Our First Basin member representatives are ready to help! Contact us at 1-866-634-3026.

How do I pay a bill?

1. Login to Online Banking:

2. Click “Payments” on left-hand side of the screen, select “enroll” in Online Bill Pay. 

3. Grab your bills & start adding payees! Click +New payee. 

4. Choose to “Add a Bill” or “Add a person”. To add a bill, you will need: 

  • Company Name on Bill, Nickname (optional), Company phone number, Account number, Company address.

Make a payment as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Select the bill you’d like to pay & enter the payment amount

2. Schedule your payment due date. Please note: this is the date funds will be withdrawn from your account, NOT the date the payee will receive your bill payment. Allow 5-7 business days for your payment to arrive at the payee.

3. Choose the payment frequency. You can choose ‘one time’ payment or other payment options. If you’d like to ‘set it and forget it’, configure the number of payments or choose if you’d like that payment to made indefinitely.

How to Pay Set up a payment

The power is in how you pay.

First Basin Automated Clearing House (ACH) PowerPay™ puts the power and security in your hands for electronic money transfers to and from FBCU. Make a monthly home or auto loan payment at First Basin with a checking account at another financial institution – and at no cost to our members.

  • Log in to FBCU Online Banking
  • Click on "Transfers" in the toolbar.
  • Select "+ External Account" and add the account information
  • Once the account has been verified you can begin using PowerPay!
  • Set it and forget it – schedule a recurring transfer so you don’t miss a payment!
  • Note: Transfers may take up to 72 hours